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For those that can’t steer..

Fellow F1 enthusiasts, I want to start a dicussion on a new game mode, or a re-work on the current driving modes. Everyone is starting to see the bumps off the grid and purposeful bashing, we are not able to combat this while giving drivers the option to steer their cars. 

Lets remove that option! We dont need to till or tap to steer, real racers steer without issue. Racing comes from the timing of the gas, the brakes, the gears. Im suggesting a reaction mode. Ever play MotoGP mobile? I think F1 could be epic with a control scheme like this while adding in DRS and gear control. 

Also the events could be awesome for reaction based gaming and give everyone a chance to prove their “speed” taking the car “power” and other drivers out of contention. 

Basically we are in the throttle or in the brakes (or both) and we race by going through points and hold down the control options. When going through a point our “touch to point” reaction is measure by the thous of a second. Better reaction gives our car a “boost” mathmatically againist the other drivers. Maybe add a “takeover” when pulling next to a car where a mini layover pops up the fastest driver to complete the correct gear or throttle get the advantage (straight aways are easier to handle then curves). 

This mode and ideas makes it so the driver matters most. Not the in app car purchase, not the bad drivers that take us out. Leaderboard events for real life merch, team merch, used track day items, anything! Say 10 different events per week, drivers only allowed to register for 1 of the ten events and Race! 

Does anyone share this development idea? Think it to be valid? Please post below and add input, thoughts or emotional outbursts. 

Thanks F1 Community! 


  • IoSoIoIoSoIo Member New Car Smell
  • CitizenRacingCitizenRacing Member New Car Smell
    @IoSoIo thank you for the emoticon input. If we going to continue to allow steering that is fine, but codemasters must turn off collisions then. If not millions of new players are simply going to cause wrecks for fun. This means our wonderful game will be at the top of the app market for 2 weeks the. Receive thousands of negative reviews and the player base will leave. 

    But yeah, I might be wrong about that.
  • IoSoIoIoSoIo Member New Car Smell
    sono d’accordo con te devono mettere una modalità duello a 5 o più giri e con macchine senza collisioni tipo qualifiche ma un gioco di f1 senza guidare e improponibile 🖐
  • IoSoIoIoSoIo Member New Car Smell
    Ok Codemasters deve togliere le collisioni e aumentare i giri della corsa
  • CitizenRacingCitizenRacing Member New Car Smell
    @losolo I think they did it! The cars no longer collide! Well done team!
    Cuando f1 mobile racing para Android?? Es de vergüenza que ya esté en ios y no para el resto del mundo. Por cada iPhone hay 8 Androids, daros prisa.
    También decir que hay que penalizar a los malos jugadores. Hacer fantasma a los demás corredores está bien, pero la realidad de la F1 es lo cerca que pasan unos coches de otros. No pilotos fantasma y más sanciones en carrera. 
    Y me parece decepcionante que no se pueda correr como en F1 2016 para móvil. Yo quiero entrene, calificar y carrera. Esencia f1

    Yo creo que f1 significa correr al máximo . 1 vuelta, 3 vueltas... Es ridículo. Carrera al 25%,50% o 100% de las vueltas. Como en F1 2016 . Esa es la esencia. No la perdáis innovando en cosas que no queremos. 
    IoSoIo said:
    Ok Codemasters deve togliere le collisioni e aumentare i giri della corsa sin colisiones o probabilidad de choque no hay emoción. Daños y sanciones. 

  • JPG1980JPG1980 Member New Car Smell
    The game has not changed been playing with today’s update and all the same problems are there
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