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Consequences when driving too fast

I'd like to see more consequences when driving too fast. In Dirt rally when you drive jyrkysjärvi under 3 minutes its constant jump and landing nose first.
Also you can go way too much of track without it effecting handling in some cases.
Its very fun game at first, but when you begin to be faster it starts to feel like you are cheating your self.

It kind of feels like you roll a dice when your car jumps. If it didnt go well you dont need to take it slower next time.
I dont say that game should be hyper realistic, but there should be somekind of punishment for beating a car.

Consequences when driving too fast 4 votes

Its good like it is now
You should be slower when beating a car too much
CatBadders 1 vote
Car should break when mistreated
SamRWDDoubleTenJonne116 3 votes
You should be able to drive through trees and rocks, but sometimes hit invisible walls
I want to be Ken Block


  • CatBaddersCatBadders Member New Car Smell
    You should be slower when beating a car too much
    I feel like it already does break as you beat on it, definitely not as much as it would IRL, but it definitely doesn't slow you as much as it should. 
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