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Strange wheel behaviour

xmikexsixmikexsi Member New Car Smell
Game Version 1.12
T300RS with Ferrari F1
Unranked lobby - invite only: Race

Right after the start coming to T1 the wheel just became 'unresponsive' i didn't know what is going on but i realized
that i have to turn the wheel 180 degrees to achieve 90 in the game. I had to turn off and on the wheel that it started to operate
as it should. Maybe it helps to note that I was DSQed on the formation lap for no reason.


  • LanceStroiiLanceStroii Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2018
    Same for me.
    V 1.12
    T300 rs
    Multiplayer mode
    Unranked lobby 
    Invit only
    Practice session 
    Track Bahrain
    First laps everything is fine. I go back to pit for tweeking the setup. When i got back on track no more FFB and i have to turn the whell 270* in turn 1. It been like it until i disconnect the wheel and connect it back. .I was lucky that happened in a practice and not in a leahue race. 
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  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    edited October 2018
    It also happens to me but with the G29 steering wheel, there are even tracks like Singapore that are impossible to drive. From one track to another it seems that the steering wheel is completely different.

    Platform: PS4
    Modality: Online
    Regulations: strict
  • fasconefascone Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2018
    Wheel: Thrustmaster T300RS with Ferrari F1 rim.
    Game: F1 2018
    Game mode: Online lobby, invite only.
    Track: Red Bull Ring.

    Same as above. Did warm up lap, everything fine. Race starts I lose FFB and have to turn wheel 360 degree to turn corner and run way wide at turns 1,2 and 3. Had to pause game then unpause then wheel worked. 
  • YesItsReallyMeYesItsReallyMe Member, Drivers New Car Smell

    • PS4
    • 1.10/1.12
    • Online Practice session/ TT
    • If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: None Just myself.
    • What happened in the lead up to the problem? Saved a setup/Checked a setup
    • Thrustmaster t300rs with Ferrari GTE rim & t3pa pedals
    First had this issue on 1.10 in a online practice session by myself. I ran a few laps all okay then came into pits manually made a setup change then saved it. When leaving pits my wheel lost most ffb feeling and resistance and when you turned the wheel normally for a corner the wheel in game only moves around 5% or so with not much resistance through the wheel. Feels very slack around the centre point. 

    On version 1.12 it happened slightly different. In TT mode I'd done around 10 laps came back to pits checked through my setup but didn't make any changes or a setup save. Started a new TT lap got to first corner and the wheel went weak again and I got the wheel only moving 5% again in game like the original 1.10 problem. 

    Is this issue something you are aware of @Faya? It's like DOR changes itself or something strange like that. I try to keep out of setup screen during league races just to keep the issue from happening to me in that session as I need to back out and reboot to fix the issue. Thanks
  • YesItsReallyMeYesItsReallyMe Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    @Faya @Hoo This issue is still happening after patch 1.14 on Ps4. It seems that saving a setup is the thing to trigger the ffb going dead next time you leave the pits in the same session. Any possibility it can be looked into please. Thanks
  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    The same thing happens to me, with the new patch the steering wheel behaves totally different, it is outrageous.
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the info and the updates, I’ve passed this back to the team for further investigation. I may return with further questions.

  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    Thanks Faya. I wait a solution............
  • YesItsReallyMeYesItsReallyMe Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    Thanks @Faya
    Saving a setup then going out on track in the same session reproduces it everytime for myself. Doesn't matter what game mode your using. Can happen either by driving out the pits manual or flying lap that doesn't seem to matter either.
  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    Today I ran 4 races online and I noticed that my car did not turn enough in the corners. Also the front wheels have overheated me in Hungary and I never had it before. Why the new patch has broken this? Before the patch 1.14 the steering wheel (G29) was very good but after the patch I get the feeling that I'm driving with a broken steering wheel. I hope you find out what happens and fix it.
  • YesItsReallyMeYesItsReallyMe Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    @Faya After reading patch 1.15 notes is this fix that's listed to address the issue we have reported in this thread? I've never had the issue mid race just wanting to check. Thanks.
    • Wheels should no longer feel like they are losing power/force feedback mid race
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @YesItsReallyMe,

    Yup! This issue should be fixed in the 1.15 patch. If the patch has not worked for anyone that has experienced this issue, or if you think it’s still not working correctly, please do let me know. Thanks!

  • YesItsReallyMeYesItsReallyMe Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    Hi @Faya. Sorry for the late reply.
    I have tested this after downloading the patch and saving a setup no longer makes the wheel glitch itself. 🙌
    I haven't come across any further problems as yet. I would like to say thanks for looking into & fixing this issue. 
    The FFB now feels better also and across all game modes. Before 1.15 the online FFB felt different to offline, not as strong, but now they all feel similar. Great stuff. 
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