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Why why WHYYYY does Codemasters continue to ignore and refuse to acknowledge questions in regards to introducing a replay/save replay function after multiplayer online races?? 

Especially with the eSports series and with it also being televised world wide How use full would it be for the commentators to be able to switch between different camera views and or slow down the footage to view certain situations. 

For those of us tht race in online leagues leagues it is a must have tool to help with dissecting and judging certain incidents for penalties. 

As an added bonus Codies would receive a massive amount of free advertising with people finally being able to post quality highlights from races all over social media. It’s a no brainer, win win!!! 



  • haasgaetano79haasgaetano79 Member New Car Smell
    Id rather have codemasters put all their rescorces into making the perfect career mode then worrying about replays...just ps4 share it
  • GussieGussie Member New Car Smell
    Fair enough but I’d rather have a Replay function and no Career mode. 
  • GussieGussie Member New Car Smell
    All theses update patches and still nothing about replays Codemasters ☹️. Why why whyyyyy🤯 I won’t stop banging on about this until I at least get a fairdinkum answer?! 
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