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PC..Patch 1.13 Stutters

RodentyellRodentyell Member New Car Smell
Since patch 1.14 the game just  continuously stutters now whilst on track, never had this before, and can't get rid of it.. :'( 
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  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @Rodentyell, thanks for posting.

    We have a thread here that has a number of suggestions in it that might be of help? Could you try some of the relevant items in this thread? Please feel free to post in the thread as well so that we can try to help you further. Many thanks,

  • alfretsonalfretson Member New Car Smell
    Dobrý den chtěl bych se zeptat proč mi nejdou stáhnout aktualizace na hru F1 2018 s patchem 1.14 a kdy bude problém odstraněn 
  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver
    edited October 2018
  • alfretsonalfretson Member New Car Smell
    Dobrý večer jak to je s patchem 1,14 pro F1 2018 kdy půjdou stáhnout aktualizace pro pc 
  • RodentyellRodentyell Member New Car Smell
    Tried loads of things, if you go over to Racedepartment and other forums you see the same results since patch 1.13, it's not our end all was sweet before the patch, maybe you should look into the patch you sent out..
  • ATSSHDATSSHD Member New Car Smell
    Any news? At release the game was playable.. now not so much.
  • RodentyellRodentyell Member New Car Smell
    No fix, probably never will be, only ever have this scenario with Codies F1 which is, all working fine then we patch it and make it unplayable, another waste of money,  9 editions all with the same issues, really unbelievable..
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