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bug penalty ignoring yellow flag in pit lane

hi @faya I wanted to report this bug that is present from the exit of f1 2018. under the yellow flag or safety car, when I enter the pit lane I receive a penalty for a overtaking on the yellow flag. this penalty also receives the AI.

Pc: steam, all tracks 25-50-100%, quick race- championships, Ai: 90%, rules: full, damage: simulation, corner cutting: normal, TC: medium.
many thanks


  • mixmax83mixmax83 Member Unleaded
    hi @faya if you can help, this bug comes only with Sc or yellow flag still active, while if you make an illegal overtaking with the green flag or at the end of the safety car, entering in the box the penalty is not given
  • mixmax83mixmax83 Member Unleaded
    hi @faya, do you know if the team took a look at this bug? because it ruins the pit stop strategy with a safety car
    Thanks again
  • mixmax83mixmax83 Member Unleaded
    @faya @hoo please the team can take a look at this bug? thanks
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