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Latest Patch (Ps4-1.14) telemetry buggy

in latest patch SIM dashboard (android) app not working, RSDash (android) app very buggy.

anyone test this? 


  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    I also have problems since 1.14

    Slower data on my lap times  for instance and now do not work my scroll leaderboard (Gary Swallow one) neither one made by myself to see how many penalties a player has committed (when I spectated his/her car)

  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    Rechecked yesterday

    UDP data do not send any information about other players on online (PS4). I tried to spectate a race using the same leaderboards that I use since F! 2017 and since 1.14 do not work,

    Also do not work what I did to broadcast our championship races, a graphic view with this data of the player you are spectating: 

    -name of the player (from a list linked with their race number) //online Codemasters code if the player race car-number is not listed
    -current lap time
    -best particular lap time
    -ERS deployed
    -Fuel Mix
    -DRS avalaible/actived
    -Tyres compound
    -Tyre wear
    -Wing damage
    -Session mode
    (This is not the final version, only a test one)

    A lot of work that now is totally unuseful 
    @Hoo, can you let us know if this could be fixed soon?
  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    @StryderIT, @cjorgens79 - are you guys getting any reports of issues with the UDP data in the latest patch? The only relevant change to the UDP in v1.13 was this:
    • Fixed an issue in the UDP telemetry output where the PlayerIndex value would change to the incorrect player when entering spectator mode.
    I don't know if this has caused any unintended side effects that would affect your apps?
  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    Hi @Hoo...new video, recorded right now, with UDP data from 1.14. and 1.12, to show you the difference using SIMHUB
    Sorry for the sound quality and also for my very bad English

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Thanks for the info (your English is excellent). Our QA team will take a look to see if our recent changes have broken this.

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    The team are still looking at this. However, one suggestion was that certain apps may be using the incorrect player index value when spectating. This one one of the issues fixed in v1.13. The correct way to identify current players when spectating is to use the spectator index when the spectating flag is set and NOT the player index. 

  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    Ill check it tomorrow morning. Both, leaderboard and also my spectator dash (Don't remember right now) 
  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    Hi @Hoo

    I just check my dashboard and my info is linked only with Player data... the magic happened when you changed your camera options when spectating.

    For instance
    show a value for a player and when you change your camera from that  player to another, the value changes

    gives you the accumulated penalties of the player you are watching

    let me remark with a graphic on screen if the player is pitting

    same with lap times, gaps, drs deployed, tyres...

    How can we do all this stuff this with spectator index if always seems to be the same? I just try to follow a race spectating it and always I have the same index, no matter if I change my point of interest from one player to another.

    I am afraid I don't understand how to link ERS, lap times, gaps... to spectator index. Any help will be appreciated 
  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    edited November 2018
    You can find the car index of the currently spectated player using the following parameters in the PacketSessionData packet:
        uint8           m_isSpectating;        	// Whether the player is spectating
        uint8           m_spectatorCarIndex;  	// Index of the car being spectated
    The telemetry data for the cars can then be obtained from the PacketCarStatusData and PacketCarTelemetryData, using m_spectatorCarIndex as the index in the corresponding vehicle arrays in those packets. The details of those packets are all contained here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/136948/f1-2018-udp-specification.  

    EDIT: To clarify, playerIndex only ever gives your own vehicle index and should not be used to get data for other players. To get the index for spectated players you must use spectatorCarIndex.
  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    I must see an example on a simhub dashboard to learn how to do that 

     hope i misunderstand what you said. No accss to lap times or penalties? Only to status and telemetry ?

    Sure I am wrong @hoo ;
  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    @navarreitor - you can access most data for all players using the IDs as appropriate. My example above referred just to basic telemetry info that you mentioned above. In the case of lap information, use PacketLapData. All data is contained in arrays where you use the value 0-19 to retrieve data for the appropriate participant. However, the playerIndex value only gives your own value, not that of the other players. Please review the full specification in the link I provided above.
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