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F1 2018 Career Mode FPS Drop

My Machine: Dell 7567    CPU: i7 7700 HQ   GPU: NVİDİA 1050Tİ  RAM:16 GB Harddrive:SSD   Windows 10 1803

I 'm using medium graphic settings. Vsync is open. Fix to 60 fps.

İn time trial mode: No problem. No FPS drops. Stabil 60 fps (almost)
İn Career mode: FPS dropping 48-51 level and return in the five seconds to 60. But that is annoying.

Why am I just having trouble in that mode? my processor is not enough? then why I don't have any problem in time-trial mode

I also use a amateur software, because due to intel dynamic thermal framework software on dell computers. It's call Throotle FİX. it is almost impossible to play the game without that software. So dont blame that.

I've added a video recording

I'm waiting for your comments. Thanks.


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