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Multiplayer Mode Tyre Selection doesnt work

oner7oner7 Member Unleaded
Hi Faya,

Don't know that is this a known issue but it is very annoying.
Multiplayer unranked league race, before starting the Short Qualify, as you know we select tyre compounds. There are 3 options, softer selection, medium selection and the harder one.
Last race in Baku I've selected the harder one which is US,US,SS,S. But when the Short qualify starts it gave me the medium one which is US,US,US,SS.
I have experienced this issue more than 2-3 times before. It always gives you the medium one whatever you choose.
Please take a look at it.

Platform: PS4
Mode: Multiplayer No Practice,Short Q, %50 Race
15 drivers no spectator, no AI...
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  • MrCosta96MrCosta96 Member Wheel Nut
    Has happened to me some times aswell. Its hit and miss really.
  • oner7oner7 Member Unleaded
    @Faya ..........................................................
  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    It is another of the innumerable failures of this game, the same thing happens to me 99% of the time. It is a complete frustration not being able to make use of the hardest tire of the session to qualify in short classification.
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @oner7 and thanks for the report. I’ve forwarded this to the team for them to take a look at.

    I’ve also moved this to the Technical Assistance forum so that it’s in the right place. Thanks! 

  • oner7oner7 Member Unleaded
    Yesterday I have selected the hardest option in Spain in Multiplayer mode it worked...

    Maybe it is not a fixed issue, it sometimes happens, sometimes not...

    Maybe it is about selecting it before 30sec timer ends or visa versa...

    I just wanted to inform you...
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