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We need an option to spectate LIVE with action-cam

Have you ever tried to watch someone race with 4 or 5 people huddled around a chair, on a monitor only a couple feet infront of the racing wheel? When you mirror it off onto another TV, you at least can all sit on the couch and watch but it isn't the same and only feels better when watching the action-cam replay.

So why can't we do both, at the same time, from the same PC, and do it live mid-race?

I always have friends over racing on the weekends, we do hotseat challenges and mirror the display to make it a bit easier to spectate. But if we could get the live action cam (even at a performance hit) on a secondary monitor - or even the option to spectate other players using the action-cam would be huge. We have multiple steam accounts, we'll move a laptop out there to spectate if it could give us the ability to expand our viewing experience. 

We need an option to spectate LIVE with action-cam 1 vote

We need this in stream or mirrored from the same PC!
CatBadders 1 vote
Just focus on spectating streams with action-cam
No one would use this
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