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Calling Fanatec Wheel Users


I am currently playing Dirt Rally on Xbox with my Thrustmaster TX wheel, T3PA Pro pedals and TH8A shifter.

I would love to be able to use the shifter in sequential mode and be able to set the left hand flappy paddle as handbrake but that isn't possible. I can only set the flappy paddle as handbrake with the shifter in H Pattern mode.

I'm thinking about upgrading to Fanatec kit (probably Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase, CSL Elite P1 Rim and CSL Elite pedals with load cell brake) but when I can eventually afford the Fanatec shifter, does anyone know if that can be set in sequential mode and still use a flappy paddle for handbrake?

Also, just for peace of mind, does the Fanatec work well with Dirt Rally on Xbox?

Thanks for your help


  • OpassacOpassac Member New Car Smell
    Using a fanatec csl elite wheel and a fanatec shifter in Dirt rally (PS4 version) and, if the shifter is set as sequential, it maps the up/down in the shifter as R1/L1 (the paddle shifters), so, at least in my setup, no, it is not possible. 

  • JZStudiosJZStudios Member Champion
    I don't know about console, but my shifter in SQ running through my older wheelbase uses gear 1 and 2.
    This could potentially be different from my wheel, the CSL, and the Clubsport though.
  • FizzlenogFizzlenog Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    Can't help with your first question but on the second one dirt rally on Xbox feels amazing with a fanatec wheel. I have the clubsport handbrake and I do have an issue with it though. For some reason the handbrake won't save the calibration from the pc so when I'm sitting at the start of the rally it can be really difficult and annoying to start the countdown when the handbrake has to to be at 100%. There isn't a way to adjust it in game either. I'm sure you already have good ff settings on your thrustmaster so you can probably figure out the forcefeed back settings yourself for the fanatec but if you need help or some starter presets on ff I can help.
    EDIT: GT is Fizzle Nog
  • AJ564AJ564 Member New Car Smell

    Thanks for the replies guys. Seems the whole shifter issue could be just the way it is!

    It makes sense to map both sequential mode and flappy paddles to the same thing I guess but it's still slightly frustrating as a flappy paddle is so easy to grab for a handbrake rather than trying to find a button.

    Willl have to weigh up how much advantage I might get by upgrading my Thrustmaster kit to Fanatec stuff whilst still only using it on an Xbox rather than a PC.

    Thanks Fizzlenog for the offer of some FFB settings. Might well be taking you up on that offer if I take the plunge!

  • OpassacOpassac Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    A real handbrake lever is the way to go,  if you can afford it. If you are handy, you can also build one quite cheap.
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  • AJ564AJ564 Member New Car Smell

    That's where I'm hoping to end up but unfortunately can't afford to do everything in one go so was looking for an interim solution

  • bokimotobokimoto Member Unleaded
    edited November 2018
    Totally possible on PC, but not likely on consoles (though maybe through a GIMX and a lot of fiddling).

    In the PC version of DR, the Fanatec sequential shifter inputs map separately from the paddles on the wheel.
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