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How to get my fanatec CSL rig to work on DIRT 4

How there. So I have recently bought a full fanatec rig. My setup is:
CSL  elite wheel base
CSL elite steering wheel P1 
Club sport pedals V3
Club sport shifter SQ
Club sport handbrake V1.5

All for the XBOX ONE.

So my problem is. I went into free foam to see how the rig feels and do some testing. I push the gas and the car revs but doesn't move. I can shift through the gears but again the car just wont drive... wont do anything. 

I went through all the bindings and made sure everything is what it should set and it shows that it is calibrated for the fanatec CSL and still the car wont move but just sit there and rev.

If anyone has an idea of what's going or what I need to do to fix this please help.


  • OpassacOpassac Member New Car Smell
    Not using the xbox, or D4, but i would say it's the handbrake that's not working well. Give it a go with the handbrake cable disconnected.
  • FizzlenogFizzlenog Member New Car Smell
    Check and see if the clutch is engaged as well or if you choose sequential shifting with manual clutch off.
    PS Try your wheel on Dirt Rally if you have it. Feels amazing
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