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More flexibility when making custom lobbies/local Grand Prix.

ramma314ramma314 Member New Car Smell
As a league racer I find myself in practice lobbies or running local practice Grand Prixs often. One issue we have is the lack of flexibility in what they can do.

The most frustrating example that we run into often is that the only way to practice with the equal performance car setting is by creating lobbies. That means we can't prepare in the precise car without planning with others, which is where local grand prix normally comes in handy, but it also can't select equal performance. It also means if we just want to practice one session like qualifying, then we have to complete qualifying, leave the session, and start it over again and again until we've gotten a decent amount of practice time.

Perhaps adding something like a practice mode in the settings of lobby and local Grand Prix creation would help. In practice mode it could let you disable sessions altogether, and adjust time for sessions past their typical length. This could also allow for things like endurance races given it would make it possible to set race length in time as opposed to laps.

Edit - sorry, on mobile and actually meant to post in the general discussion forum, so if it can/should be move please do. Thanks!


  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    When I practice our championship races and I am alone I create Gran Prix with AI at a very high level, 4 or 5 times same circuit, same race conditions as we have on the champ...

    AI doesn't have the same behavior that human players but for strategic purposes and practice the track I think is valid.

    Hope could be useful for you 
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