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Controller throttle and brake - Triggers or Right Stick ?

Cobalt765Cobalt765 Member New Car Smell
I'm new to F1 2018 and at this stage using a controller until I decide whether to get a wheel or not.  All my racing games, which is really only the TOCA and GT games on PS1 & PS2, I've used the right stick for the throttle.  I've also always driven AUTO gears.  The shoulder buttons weren't analog either.  In the past there wasn't all the complex options of pitting and fuel mix etc so really just needed to accelerate and brake.  
Now with these extra demands, I'm finding it hard to use my old style set up as it means generally taking my thumb off the accelerator to access any of the action buttons.  Having said that, I'm really not skillful enough yet to worry about fuel mix and I just pit when I get told.

What do others on a controller use and is it worth me putting in the time to try change?


  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Yes, it's worth it to learn how to use the triggers on a pad.

    Having your accelerate and brake on the same control means you can either go or stop. Having them on 2 different controls means you can powerbrake (go and stop at the same time, very useful in racing), and frees up your right thumb, letting you use it for gears, handbrake, changing view.

    I've used to same set up since the days of Gran Turismo and Colin McRae Rally on PS1.

    Right Trigger = Go, Left Trigger = Stop,  Square = Gear Down, Circle = Gear Up, X = Handbrake, Y = Change View.

    As for gears vs auto. Learn to use the gears. it's easier than you think. It doesn't take long for the scream of the car hitting the rev limiter to let you know when you need to change gear. After a bit you'll be able to change on the cars actual red line instead oif the ones on the hud's rev counter (the engines red line changes depending on the tuning, the hud's never changes).

    My mate used to use the same control set up as you (right stick + auto), he couldn't finish a race against me (triggers + manual). I changed his pad set up and it took him about 2 weeks to become competitive.
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  • Cobalt765Cobalt765 Member New Car Smell
    Tried using the trigger buttons last night but when braking I tend to always move the left stick as well.  Just can't seem to get used to it.
  • Cobalt765Cobalt765 Member New Car Smell
    Ended up buying a cheap wheel. Got a Logitech Driving Force GT for $25. Haven't played much F1 yet as have been cutting my teeth on some old PS2 titles like GT 4. Have been using manual gears and enjoying it. F1 much harder as many more gear changes.
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