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Flashbacks still causing Safety Car deployment

VersicariusVersicarius Member Unleaded
Twice now I have had a race ruined by a safety car being deployed after a flashback when there is absolutely no need for it to be deployed. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it is impossible to revert as using the flashback again just leads to it being deployed.

This happened twice on Baku in a 100% race in career when I was leading in a Ferrari (if that's of any use). I am on 1.14 so this issue should have been fixed in the 1.13 update. I will record future races to catch it if it happens again and post the video.


  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Petrol Head
    Yeah, PS4pro with 1.14
    Last 3 races, 2 safety cars and a vsc caused by flashbacks
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