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DiRT 4 PC Stuttering with wheel plugged in

i7 8700k @ 3.7
32 GB Ram
SSDs: Samsung 850 & 960 (500GB ea)

No overclocking, no funny business with BIOS, just a computer built and running flawlessly. Except for my favorite racing series of course. After dozens and dozens of hours of trying to solve this problem I have exhausted all routes that I see and think I might unfortunately be SOL, but hoping for a miracle :( Game USED to run just fine when I was on a much much much older setup (Same 1070 but with a old 2600k CPU). Built the new rig, which chews through anything I throw at it, including DiRT 4, but as soon as the Logitech G27 gets plugged in there is a stutter that appears every 5-10 seconds. Just the slightest graphical hitch but for racing.... it's just enough to ruin your braking point and send you off course. I've removed my internal USB hub without any luck, I've tested every single USB port I could. Tested without anything else plugged in but the wheel. reinstalled windows, updated every single driver you can imagine, tried every hard drive I had, double checked configs to make sure nothing was weird in there, verified files, tried running as admin, tried compatibility mode, tried full screen optimization, latest gaming profiler for logitech and older versions, tried this and that a million times and NOTHING has resolved it. Oh and temps are just fine. Loaded up AC and she's smooth as butter with the wheel plugged in. I'm at a loss for words.

Anyone have any ideas here? Or better yet can Codemasters help out!?! Literally begging at this point.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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