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Worse after the update.

For me, this game deteriorated after the update this week. Getting wiped out from behind by a bot? Pile ups with grid start. Hooking up and bumper cars with rolling start. Cars driving in the air. Brutal matchups - over in 2 seconds if overmatched. 

I spent a few bucks but I’ll wait to see if the developers respect their customers before i spend any more. Just make a crash up derby mode for the people not interested in F1. 


  • ZykloZyklo Member New Car Smell
    Yep. I started to get grid start more often and in most cases i ended DNF because of the AI behaviour. They crash in each other, pile up on track and turned the races in to amateur crash derby. Sometimes their tracking is wrong and they drive off the track, just to cut through the track in the apex and take me out when passing.
    Also what is wrong with Monaco rolling start, car always hit barriers in last two corners. Even spun in to opposite direction and i was unable to start.
  • ASAINT75ASAINT75 Member New Car Smell
    Since the update Bot behavior is now out of control. The are overly aggressive 90% of the time. SPRINT events seem to be the worst for aggressive bots. Attempt to pass with plenty of room and they move across the track to hit you.  I will say there seems to be an improvement in how the Dirty Players are handled. I'm not sure what it is but on 2 occasions when a player made an aggressive move while running side by side there was little to no effect on my car and I kept rolling along. Before the update I would have been crashed out of the race. Has anyone else experienced this or am I dreaming?
    Agree on the Monaco start, makes no sense. 

    The foundation of this game is excellent, I just hope we see continued progress and improvements moving forward. I'm hooked.
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Well according to the community whatever they do will break the game. Even if they wouldn't change anything, there will probably be people who say that the game is worse now.
  • alles32alles32 Member New Car Smell
    Have worse experience after last update too. 
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