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G29 Stop working after installing patch 1.14

Hello everyone, after installing the patch 1.14 my g29 has stopped working, I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it, nothing, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers of the steering wheel and nothing, I would like explanations, because it is not possible that on f1 2017 it works me and on 2018 no. Thanks in advance


  • JonnyHoonitJonnyHoonit Member New Car Smell
    Have you installed project cars 2 recently?
  • LucaLucideraLucaLucidera Member New Car Smell
    No, why?                                                          
  • JonnyHoonitJonnyHoonit Member New Car Smell
    Never mind. The two conflict with each other and can stop wheels working.
  • mbaraypegmbaraypeg Member New Car Smell
    Logitech G29 stop working after 1.14 patch Hey code master PLEASE FIX IT.. !! I need my game go back !!
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