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Is f1 2018 gonna be fixed?

BicardaBicarda Member New Car Smell
Hey guys, any eta for fixes for the huge bugs that effect multiplayer so much?
Very bummed out by your focus on small career fixes, while the racing part of the game is still  in such a sad state. Please just let us know, ARE you fixing them? or should we just give up on this game?

(e.g. rpm glitch, lobbies bugging out all the time, crashes, desync collisions, a penalty system that doesn't know what is what, no dedicated servers, park ferme in ranked lobbies if you didn't do qually, glitched spectator info, vsc sign not disapearing if you pit during vsc, overtakes on lapped and ghosted ai's in a green sector gives illegal overtakes sometimes, illegal overtakes in general (people crashing out and stuff). This last one is very important and needs to be fixed ASAP. ) Also i implore you guys very much to have the ranks be based on average lap time, it will make it much easier for us to see how fast someone is.

As it is now if someone crashed you out you lose a lot of points and it is easy to win them if you are the fastest in the server for a while. it just doesn't add anything right now except frustration as it doesn't mean anything
There's a lot of people that want some nice online racing but you just fail to deliver and honestly are killing the e-sport pottential of this game right now.

I know that we've already payed for this game but i'm pretty sure that if you fix this one you'll sell more of the next.. If you don't this is gonna leave a bad taste in many a mouth. 
That being the case I'm sure you're working on it.. It would just be nice to have some kind of info on when to expect some big fixes we've all been waiting for since launch. 


  • DostieDostie Member New Car Smell
    I don’t wanna be negative towards codemasters but I don’t think they want or don’t know how to fix this game, it’s been out way too long to not be fixed by now. You can only hope that they are working on 2019 but we here that every year so.........
  • LippbusterLippbuster Member New Car Smell
    edited January 7
    well it's Jan 2019, still not fixed. I just bought the game a couple days ago. Even getting into a online game is broke. 10-30 minutes average to even have it not error to join a lobby. Forza works fine as well as EVERY (dozens) single game i play. 

    no way am i buying the next one, or the one after that, or after that
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