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Place your bets: what format will DR2 USA be?

RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
So one of the mysteries of DR2, what will the USA location consist of? 

Place your bets!

(No prizes given)

Place your bets: what format will DR2 USA be? 29 votes

79% 23 votes
0% 0 votes
3% 1 vote
Tarmac/Gravel mix
6% 2 votes
Tarmac/Snow mix
10% 3 votes
Put the Stratos back in H2 please!!!


  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member Wheel Nut
    It better not be snow or else we'll never see Sweden again.
  • KingOfCoinsKingOfCoins Member Champion
    I kinda hope we don't see Sweden. I think it needs a break considering to my knowledge, all snow rallies in Rally games outside of V-Rally 4, Richard Burns Rally, DiRT3, and Sega Rally 3/Revo has had Sweden as their snow rally.
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  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member Wheel Nut
    edited November 2018
    The thing is it needs to feel authentic, and if you move the snow rally out of Sweden it won't feel authentic anymore and people will find it strange and unfamiliar. It's an ocean of roses when changes are being discussed on the table but then in practice sometimes it's not the best. WRC tried to take a break from Sweden by going to Norway and it didn't go well, it felt like something was off.
    Some things shouldn't change. THat's like replacing Monte Carlo with another icy road rally.
  • FlannelMagic1FlannelMagic1 Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    To me a rally game is not complete without a snow location in it. So in that sense I hope USA will be a snow rally, i'm from Sweden though so I obviously hope Sweden will come later as a dlc as it is an iconic rally to me, so i'm kinda iffy on what I hope USA is going to be. I'm going to guess snow, but then I doubt Sweden will be in a dlc later.  
  • dwkGraveydwkGravey Member Race Engineer
    I accidentally clicked on "Tarmac/Gravel mix" but I meant to click on "Tarmac/Snow mix", but that's because I thought it said "Gravel/Snow mix".

    So I vote "Snow". Even thought I didn't.
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