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Looking for an F1 2018 league to race in

bothydwellerbothydweller Member New Car Smell
dont mind what day. I’ve been in multiple leagues winning races and podiums before since 2016. Will make every race


  • BeeJeBeeJe Member New Car Smell
    Welcome to CWC

    All assists (no pit assist or brake assist). Equal performance cars. Short qually. 50% race. 

    Races days will be TUESDAYS AT @8PM GMT

    Second race is Tuesday 13th Nov.

    This league will consist of a full season. No dramas, plain and simple. Any one is welcome.

    Just an understanding the basic fair driving rules and regulations are required.


    Thank you

    Join us on DISCORD Or add me on PSN


    Psn - Booje89

  • Kluneberg86Kluneberg86 Member New Car Smell
    edited November 12
    What platform are you on? It would be very helpful. If you are on PS4, you should check this one out. Still need more drivers. 

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  • MRCwilliwampeMRCwilliwampe Member New Car Smell
    Hello bothydweller,

    we have two NA leagues (1x PC and 1x XB1), with North American time zones, and two EU leagues (1x PC and 1xXB1), with European time zones.

    Make sure to sign up for your league with the right timezone and platform on our forum:

    As well as our Discord server:

    Places are available and we hope to welcome you onboard soon at MRC  .

    Best regards,

  • SmeagolSnackSmeagolSnack Member New Car Smell
    I am also looking to join a league. Experienced driver. Any day is ok. 
    Xbox one gamertag - F1R SMEAGOL
  • NikedNicolasNikedNicolas Member New Car Smell
    Looking to join a league. Can race Thursday,Friday,Saturday or Sunday. PS4 Gamertag : Nic118247 (btw im quite good)
  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    Check out the TNF1 F3 registration zone for a link to have a go with us. The ever growing and ever famous TNF1

    Trans-Nation Formula 1 World Championship head chairman and operator. 
    Multiple Trans-Nation Challenge World Champion (2017/2018 and 2018) 
    Join today!
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