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DiRT Rally Website not secure!

It started yesterday evening.

When I go to the DiRT Rally website I get a message saying the site is not secure when using Google Chrome. 
The site works when I use Microsoft Edge!

I tried clearing cache on Chrome but it made no difference.

Any suggestions as I don't like using Edge.


  • KeeperAlaColbyKeeperAlaColby Member New Car Smell
    Is this why the entire Racenet is down for Dirt Rally?
  • scottishjimscottishjim Member New Car Smell
    Might be @KeeperAlaColby

    I had a few issues connecting to finish a League.

    Other members of the league are reporting today that they can't connect no matter how many times they try.
  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    Browsers are cracking down on insecure sites. I'm not sure why this forum doesn't use SSL to be honest, every site we make at work has one these days.
  • scottishjimscottishjim Member New Car Smell
    Hmm, now that you mention cracking down. The DiRT website started being blocked by Chrome after a recent Chrome update.
  • LudwigVonMisesLudwigVonMises Member Co-Driver
    It's not that anyone is cracking down here. The site is indeed served over a secure connection but the certificate tech used is no longer trusted by many browsers. They need to replace the SSL cert to get it working again, simple as that. 
  • scottishjimscottishjim Member New Car Smell
    Thanks @LudwigVonMises
    That makes sense
    I'll stop worrying and just use Edge to access the DiRT Rally site  :)
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