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Please fix this game

RRLwisemanRRLwiseman Member New Car Smell
Tonight our leauge race was at Singapore 100%. This has been the worst race for codemaster nonsense since this game has been released, it's so disappointing, it's not like it's your first crack at producing an f1 game. 
After around 15 laps it started to rain heavily. The safety car came out for no apparent reason, a few of the lads suggested it was due to track conditions. The lights around the track appeared to turn off? Maybe there was a power cut in Singapore. After 5 lap the safety car came in and the lights came back on ( a few had crashed out because of this) . What happened next was ridiculous  THE WALLS STARTED ATTACKING DRIVERS.
ive attached videos because you wouldn't believe what I was trying to describe. 

Please at least try and give an explanation if you can't fix this ( premium game)


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  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    Where are the videos?..........................
  • RRLwisemanRRLwiseman Member New Car Smell
    Links to video's are now on the post....
  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    It is outrageous, but the worst is that Codemasters will tell you that this is normal, which usually happens in F1. Honestly go game ****.
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Maybe next time post different bugs to different threads and have a proper title?
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @RRLwiseman and thanks for posting,

    Could you let me know the following so we can investigate further?

    • Could you let me know which platform you and your league are on?
    • How many people were in the race? Were there any AI?
    • What was your connection like at the time of the race and the lead up to the race?

  • RRLwisemanRRLwiseman Member New Car Smell
    Platform is xbox one, there was 16 in lobby. The connection was pretty good between us all. One player did disconnect and was Ai for a few lap. When he got back into the lobby he retired. 
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