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Dirt Rally: Racenet and codemasters and dirtgame sites

Janneman60Janneman60 Member Wheel Nut
@codies, what is going on?
Since about a week the codemasters and dirtgame sites seem a gamble if they work. Sometimes I can start the game, sometimes it reports racenet is not available. When it starts I can do daily's/weekly's. And if I am real in luck I can do leagues.
I asked others and a lot of us have these problems lately.

Are you aware and will (and when) it work normal again?


  • CatBaddersCatBadders Member Unleaded
    edited November 2018
    As a software dev at a different org who is currently trying to ignore all these performance evaluations I am supposed to be typing up, let me try and shed some light into what is most likely going on...

    They are finishing up their internal builds for the new DirtGame.com (or w/e they will call it) and the needed APIs that will release with DR2.0 in February. Normally this stuff goes dev complete a month or two in advance of deployment depending on the team structure; the rest of the time is hammering it with QA and defect fixes. With all the holidays coming up, my team's "dev complete" deadline for features are weeks ahead of what we normally would shoot for just because of so many external dependencies we don't want to deal with over the holidays. Hence we are doing a lot of that same work now instead of in December.

    So while they are doing this, they are probably recycling servers constantly and elevating new builds. They wouldn't be stupid enough to take down ALL of the servers during this process, but I would be very surprised if they haven't reallocated a decent chunk of the resources running the current DirtGame.com to act as QA/Test/Stress/Gold instances for them to work off of. That would explain why it works/doesn't work in bursts.

    Could be a million other things, but the timing to me screams reusing resources to test the new website + game APIs. Degrades the old experience a bit, but allows them to flesh out more and more of the new experience for us as well before actually having to go live with it. They aren't going to reuse the old APIs 1:1, but I could see them enhancing it with more features if they built a strong enough base in DR. If that is the case then every time it goes down or doesn't seem to work, you could assume a new build of the API is going up and some new features are being tested by those lucky SoB's who have alpha access...
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  • Janneman60Janneman60 Member Wheel Nut
    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Part of it is a bit to technical for me, but I get the bigger meaning. So probably we have to deal with it untill cm are ready with this testing (and also probably have a break testing due to christmas holidays).

    I hope that someone from codies can confirm this (if allowed). And well, sometimes it is what it is.
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