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idea new headset rally

gk9147gk9147 Member New Car Smell
when the co pilote said " left "  driver listen" left  "in left headset ,  for the  angle of turn , jump, over crest , cut  ,+ ,- ..... all headset  work  and when the headset have problem  ( imagine the right headset not work correctly ) the headset work in normal mode   and you listen all note with the good headset  exemple 
  co driver said " left 2 "
 driver listen   left in  left headset   and  2 in all headset 
co driver said "right 3"
driver listen " right " in right headset and 3 in all headset 
  for default mode " normal " mode 
 when  driver listen the number but not " left" or " right " 
the co driver or driver said " default " or click button  " default mode"   and  you have possibility to listen the all  note in one side  headset

if the driver have other system pace note is posssible to  change because all rally driver have many different note exemple : 
for me ( im not rally driver  :D is exemple   ) is " D " for right" and " G " for left ( im french so i listen gauche droite not left right )

why i have this idea because i discover  8D audio song , listen with headset and you understand ( on PC is better i don't understand why  ) ;)

sorry for my bad english 

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