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All custom events should use fully upgrades cars

CatBaddersCatBadders Member Unleaded
Why do I even need to make this thread? I bought the Kadett in my career to run this week's event and after finishing the entire thing in a single go I decided to boot up a custom event on stream. And all of a sudden the car I hold top #25 times with isn't maxed out like the 100 races I've done with it before were?


Seriously, why would you even consider that a good idea in Dirt Rally? How does the idea of giving people gimped cars in custom events seem like a good idea? Customs should be about experimenting with everything, not being limited because you bought a car and didn't spend enough time in Career with it to max the upgrades. Keep those limits in Career, and keep Customs fun and open with maxed out cars.

All custom events should use fully upgrades cars 1 vote

Yes, this is obvious
CatBadders 1 vote
No, earn it
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