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Thrustmaster Ferrarie F1 Add-on advanced mode drives like a pad - F1 2018 PC

Hi everybody  
i saw the the problem which some people had with there T300 Wheel. Topic was: "T300 DRIVES LIKE A PAD F1 2018 (PC)"

I have a similar issue and i already read about this in different forums. The problem is easy to explain. I have a thrustmaster TS-PC Base and the Ferrarie F1 Add-on wheel.
In the Thrustmaster-Profiler on a PC you can choose between two different Profiles, "Advanced Mode" and "Normal Mode". The differents are the amount of button you can use in each mode. 13 Buttons on normal and 23 on advanced.

Unforunalety if i put my wheel in to advanced mode, the game doesn't recognized it as a known controller. I still can set all the buttons and axes but as soon as i go on track i realized the wheel drives like a controller and not like a wheel. The problem is exactliy like in the topic i mentioned above. 

And when you look in to the installationfolder under "..\F1 2018\actionmaps\" you can find the buttonmappings for some thrustmaster bases combiend with the f1 wheel in advanced mode. 

So it should work. Can some confirm this issue?

The game offers so many buttons to map and with the only F1 Wheel from Thrustmaster you can only use 13 instead of 23 Buttons:(


  • daSh84daSh84 Member New Car Smell
    omg wrong Categorie  :|

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  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    I have the wheel in advanced mode and it works perfectly.

    I would suggest updating your drivers and firmware, current package is 2018_TTRS_3 (no change from 2018_TTRS_2 other than TS-PC and TS-XW firmwares, but I will verify the FFB driver later it's not  mentioned in the release notes)


    Latest T300 firmware is v29, the wheel is displayed correctly in Thrustmaster CP and in F1 2018 patch 1.14

    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • daSh84daSh84 Member New Car Smell
    Firmware and Driver are all up to date. I also made a complete os reinstall. Nothing changed.

    Can you tell me what controller is displayed in your setting when you use your wheel in advanced mode? When i set it on normal than the game shows my Base "TS-PC Racer", but in advanced mode there is no preset controller. i can only see Keyboard, my fanatec padels and my T8 Shifter.
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