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Logitech devices lost in F1 2018

I was able to play the game with a Logitech Formula steeringwheel, now the connection with the Logitech devices are lost.

Issue started this week, Logitech Formula steerwheel Connection lost.
During config of game connection with Logitech keyboard lost  (ps2 and usb keyboards)

Removed the game, re-installed the game, issue remains only playable with keyboard.
Removed steeringwheel from the F1 2018 config, Not able to detect steeringwheel.

F1 2017, Logitech steerwheel and keyboard working.
F1 2018, Logitech steerwheel not connected
Need for speed, Logitech steerwheel and keyboard working.

How can I fix this issue ?
Is it related to patch 1.14 ?
When wil the issue with the Logitech steeringwheels be resolved ?

Kind regards

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