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F1® Mobile Racing – Android Launch and Community Trailer | Codemasters Blog

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imageF1® Mobile Racing – Android Launch and Community Trailer | Codemasters Blog

Ever since F1® Mobile Racing surged onto iOS devices in October, we’ve been flooded with messages from Android device owners, wanting to get in on the action. It’s been awesome to see that excitement on social channels, forums, videos – though the giant “RELEASE ON ANDROID” banner outside my flat was a bit surprising…

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  • AndAnd Member New Car Smell
    edited November 23
    I have a Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro phone and upgraded to Android 8.0. It says my device is not compatible. You guys said all powerful devices which meet the requirement will be able to download. When will we get the game ???
    I have not been able to read that mobiles are compatible, but I have Huawei P20 PRO and in Spain I can not download yet.... When I can install it
  • Reksi02Reksi02 Member New Car Smell
    I have Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and my device is not compatible?!?? That is stupid!!!
  • AVOCATTOAVOCATTO Member New Car Smell
    I have a Note 8, with superior specs in all the itens and it's not compatible?
    Are you joking?
    Maybe you prefer that i play another game, ok, no problem...
  • ZoltánZvaraZoltánZvara Member New Car Smell
    P20 pro Why is not it compatible? Thanks
  • soulfly777krissoulfly777kris Member New Car Smell
    OS: Android 7.1
    Memory/RAM: 2GB RAM
    GPU: Adreno 540 / Mali G76 (OpenGL ES 3.1)
    CPU: Quad core at least 2.4Ghz
    Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 minimum
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