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F12018 refuses to start

Have been trying to get this software running for a couple days now, verified files, disabled antivirus etc.
Nothing happens, every now and again I get a message saying "the app is already running" which it's not.
Tried everything I can think of and that I've found on the old interweb but nowt works, any new suggestions before I go for refund?


  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @GooseCreature,

    I’m going to guess that you’re on PC, right? Could you let me know if you’re running the game through Steam and if Steam is running at the same time? Could you also send me your DXDiag and Hardware settings so I can take a further look?

    If you’re unsure of how to get these, you can find the instructions in this thread here. Many thanks,

  • GooseCreatureGooseCreature Member New Car Smell
    I am  indeed a PC user, running the game via Steam and yes Steam is running.
    Have forwarded my dxdiag info but because I've not managed to run the game at all, there doesn't appear to be a F1 2018 folder in Mydos/MyGames. :(
    Have emailed the relevant info.


  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Thanks, GooseCreature! I can confirm we’ve received it and we’ve taken a look through the DXDiag. Could you let me know what your monitor set-up is like? Do you have a different monitor that you could try starting the game with instead of your current set-up?

  • GooseCreatureGooseCreature Member New Car Smell
    I am currently running a triple screen setup, can't really use a different monitor but could, if I find time, (in a club race tonight) unplug 2 of them and run in single screen to try it out?

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