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Damage settings

In dirt 3 there was a feature that allowed you to change between visual damage or full damage, so I wondered if it was possible to add that feature in dirt rally 2.0, but instead of visual damage and full damage it would be:

Normal - you crash hard and get away with it


Realistic - you crash hard and race over

Damage settings 3 votes

Keep it normal
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    Why not all 3 while we are at it? I can see a huge use for it in RX where you have a league/group who like to run it hard and are ok with some contact but don't want anyone's vehicle to slow because of it.

    Or even in normal rally. Sometimes we like to keep it super realistic and force people to be safe, and sometimes we're just drunkenly racing around for fun and don't really care about damage.

    Obviously the leaderboards would require "Realistic" settings for any times to be counted
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    I enjoy a game that kicks my ass. If I'm not cussing, this **** is too easy.
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