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Make Leaderboards and Leagues platform agnostic

I understand the crossplay headaches between M$ and $ony,  so I won't even push for that (even though we all want it), but at least give us the ability to compare times against any platform. Let us form leagues and let any platform join, it's literally just time comparisons. I mean even in DR you let different platforms join the same league, we just couldn't post times in every league - lets fix that!

Make Leaderboards and Leagues platform agnostic 4 votes

Yes, we need to make this game more open!
SykeBlindCatBaddersDreamyGhostZHesnik1012 4 votes
No, there is nothing to gain with this
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I enjoy a game that kicks my ass. If I'm not cussing, this **** is too easy.
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