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Issue with join to multiplayer

this afternoon I pressed ESC key in a race and served said me "expulsado por hacer trampas" (banned for cheat). I'm not a cheat!! 

I bought this game 2 days ago in Steam. I need a solution.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english spoken.


  • BsD92BsD92 Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same problem.

    I was playing for the first time online, and that message appears to me and I can not play.

    I wish you solved this problem too.
  • BsD92BsD92 Member New Car Smell
    I was able to solve the problem ...

    You need to delete any mod you have in the game, so you can play quietly online.
  • monomalomonomalo Member New Car Smell
    the problem was solved 20min after.

    I dint/dont have mod
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