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DiRT 4 - Can't see leaderboard after a stage!

rodovelazquezrodovelazquez Member New Car Smell
Hi, I did the "Evart Forest - Ascent" stage from Michigan, USA with a Group A car in Gaming Handling , and got a time of  2:19.642. Before that, I had already ran through that stage with the same car, and got a time of  2:25.477, thus being in 5th place in the leaderboard. The problem is that when I finished the 2:19.642, I couldn't see the "Leaderboard" option in the menu (it's always near "View Replay", but this time it was not there!), and I don't know if my new record on that stage is 2:19.642. As I coudn't see the leaderbord, I took a picture of the "Stage Results". I will really like to see the new time in the leaderbord, because with that improvement, now I woud be in 2nd place (The last time I saw the leaderboard, the 2 fastest times were 2:17.119 and 2:21.267). Thanks for the help!
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