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Penalty PS4 France Race

Hi I just got a 5 second stop go penalty for an extreme collision (or similarly worded) with my teammate in France on 25% 90 difficulty with reduced rules and simulation damage (there was contact at the start, he was in front but slowed (not braking) well before the brake point and I clipped his rear (literal clip, only skimmed) to the point on simulation damage there was no damage to my front wing at all and got the warning for the penalty. Again it was not strict, it was reduced rules. Claire has a history of always saying I had a big crash or hit the barriers a lot when I had no offs in practice, quali or race which is annoying but this was a whole new level of odd. Can you look into this please, this has never happened before, in fact my very first career penalty in 9 seasons! It should have been a warning but not severe. Though in rl it wouldn't have been a steward thing at all.
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