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Only Modders in F1 games do Record Times

I’ve been playing F1 games for years trying to do record times, my driving is fast enough, the fastest you can find without mods like many other players that I’ve seen on youtube. I have seen all over sim-racing, pro players drive very fast with setups or without and I have compared their speed and grip. I have seen people in arcade games drive very fast also. How does it happen that we see those few names always of those few famous youtubers, doing record times and beating all of us in the F1 game?

It is clear for any grown up that their cars are like super-cars, before they manage to do any sort of an upgrade on career mod. Before they even start to work on the aero upgrades, they are beating us by 12 seconds in every stage. While their car has like 3 upgrades on it, they are 15 seconds ahead of any normal human being that can drive the fastest possible. And of course many of you who are 12-15 years old will be tricked and say that “they’re better than you this is why they beat you”… - no. If you analyze every turn and simply try to take each turn with your car…the way their car takes it, without upgrades on it, you’ll see that their car has much better grip, better chassis, is perfectly balanced and it’s faster in

every turn. It has more mph. I don’t know how could ever codemasters allow this to happen. What kind of mods is this cult of people using that are not traced by the server and why are they invited on events? It will be immediately obvious if you put them to race on any other pc, that these kids can’t do the same times without their mods. I would bet one million dollars that they can’t and I wish I we lived nearby to Prove this anytime. Someone should challenge them, kids should challenge them to showcase the same driving somewhere neutral, in a place where they can’t do their thing.

It’s also the fact that wherever you see a video showing a “world record lap time”, you never see the steering wheel of the person that drives the car (on youtube). They never show their wheel! Any experienced adult person above 40, spending one week with the game or monitoring his kid playing, would realise the difference by comparing the video of the famous youtuber and his supercar with the real thing that he sees in his house. How can this be allowed?

It is so confusing and so defamating for the game itself. I bet trolls will try to fight this post, I don’t care at all.


  • Tbracing007Tbracing007 Member New Car Smell
    Me too been playing this game since 95 I and I class my self as quick and very consistent but I have to admit they are running no assists and with a fantec or top end thrust master wheel you got every chance of competing with them unfortunately for me I still use abs and a med traction Ive been kicking myself for to long now to really put some solid hrs in and become a no assist racer .as I do feel no assists car is a much faster and nimbel way to race .I doo the same as you watch them and I really do what they do but with theses minor assist I use I think that's what's holding me back and to be fair watching some of them they really do get out wide before corner entry and take perfect apex lines. I don't think theirs any mod like conspiracy tho . But I do like a conspiracy so I'll stay open minded . What I did find strange the other day was the TT wr Lap on backu PS4 is done with assist witch were auto gears and I think TC medium  
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