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F1 2018 - Super license reset


I spent days working on my super license and built it up quite a bit however whilst playing a ranked race the other day I was entered into a race after qualifying but everyone was stuck on the grid with nothing happening. We sat there for about 10 minutes with nothing happening so I eventually had to give up and restart the game however when the game came back on my super license had been completely reset to nothing!

As I'm sure you can imagine that is really frustrating for anyone that may have happened to and has meant that all the time I spent building up my super license was wasted so I feel this really needs to be looked into.

I don't see the point in me building my super license again now if it can be reset that easily! 


  • pmbf1pmbf1 Member New Car Smell
    Hi there, the same yes happening with me.

    If I power off my Xbox, I loose my Safety Rating and my Rank status.

    currently I’m on version 1.14.

    gametag: PlinioMonteiro
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