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Aggressive drivers are still a big problem. I think the pairing strategy to isolate them is wrong. A penalty system after each race that has a direct impact on race results would be more effective. What do you think?


  • jessier1986jessier1986 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah I don’t think it’s fair I get spun into the wall resulting in a dnf after my tail breaks and I immediately get penalized losing points 
  • DragmanBLRDragmanBLR Member New Car Smell
    The developers said they would punish those who cut you in the race. But it happens further. Some simply, when you catch up with them sharply ramming you, you break up and they go on. There are a lot of inadequate players with a rating of up to 3000, many are trying to destroy you at any cost. At the level of 9999 there are practically no inadequacies.
  • alles32alles32 Member New Car Smell
    I do no understand why somebody, who behave aggressive, win match. this playing strategy use each second player. This suckers plus common network disconnecting make this game unplayable.
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