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Top 10 Features We NEED in F1 2019

Hey guys I wanted to share with you top 10 features that we need in F1 2019 through the following video!

If you have suggestions and want to add your ideas for F1 2019 as well then please post them as comments here and/or on the video.
I am really interested to see what you want to see in the next game and I might make another top 10 with your ideas!


  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    Suggestion for F1 2019 would be to realise it in Dec & call it F1 2020,
    more time for bug fixes, fresh game for the new season,
    as am sure am not the only who waits until the last patch & the new season to get into career.
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    I'll try and keep this short and sweet so that I don't bore anyone:

    1) Classic tracks / tracks Codemasters previous has licences on (i.e Turkey, Nurburging, Korea, Valencia etc. Option in career where you can choose to incorporate them and change calendar every season
    2) A.I difficulty in respect of car development
    3) Slider in respect of development points
    4) Slider in respect of how much difference car development makes
    5) Speedtrap classification/ live order
    6) Gearbox car setup
    7) Better car damage
    8) More marbles off race line
    9) General bug disinfectant 
  • marosimarkmarosimark Member Wheel Nut
    Since we have warm-up laps, why don't we have a cooldown lap after a race? would add a lot of fun to the game. Pcars 2 has this feature too, and I love to celebrate a win, maybe with som' donuts ;)
  • NeomoNeomo Member New Car Smell
    edited December 4
    -VR/Triple support!
    -Laser scanned tracks! example last corner at spa its totally out
    -Game have to be smooth! Compared to iR without Vsync looks like F1 run at 20FPS
    -Different LED display on steering for every team inspired by real LED panels
    -After few races in sauber going to Ferrari without problem, really?
    -Visible rubber and others impurity out of ideal line during weekend
    -Replay highlits after race, and timeline for replay like AC for example
    -Usable AA! That TAA its so bad with all that blur and ghosting
    -Much more different cutscenes before and after race, looks strange when you see exactly same scene every race.
    -Better suspension and tire model! If you focus on F1 esport where everybody play on steering, forget gamepad and focus on steering wheel!

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  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Neomo said:
    -Compared to iR without Vsync looks like F1 run at 20FPS
    All Codemasters games are one of the most optimized racing games out there. I get much worse FPS on iRacing anyways.
  • NeomoNeomo Member New Car Smell
    Its not about FPS, i can get 90FPS in F1 and 90FPS in iR and iR looks smooth like vsync compared to F1
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Neomo said:
    Its not about FPS, i can get 90FPS in F1 and 90FPS in iR and iR looks smooth like vsync compared to F1
    I can't see any difference about how "smooth" the games are.
  • MrGhostO1OMrGhostO1O Member Co-Driver
    What bothers me more in terms of graphics is the anti aliasing.

    Codemasters use TAA since 2015 and it makes textures very blurry during movements. On some tracks I can't read the meter boards when they are vertical and thin. Abu Dhabi even has red ones in turn 1 which makes it even worse.
  • ZachrulezZachrulez Member Wheel Nut
    Been playing F1 Championship edition and toying around with the evolution setup in that game. I don't know why something like that hasn't been implemented with the codemasters games. It's a great way to help the player get more competitive with the AI and it's more directly helpful than forcing the player to blow fresh tyres and practice time earning resource points. (Also a good idea, just don't really like them being tied to practice.)
  • CavSTiagoCavSTiago Member Race Steward
    I need, mainly, more simulations in the car, to feel each time more realistic in this aspect :)
  • ZachrulezZachrulez Member Wheel Nut
    It would also be nice if there was an option to play past F1 seasons. Kind of an expansion to classic cars. It would really make the game amazing to go back and rewrite some of the older seasons. Something like that feels like it could really give the game a lot of re-playability. Bonus points if you could integrate something like that with career mode as well with the option to start in the past.
  • navarreitornavarreitor Member New Car Smell
    A lot of people play leagues.

    I think would be great if 2019 give the same support this leagues that give to the trajectory model. Will be more tactical if you need to take care of engines, gearbox, development ...

    The only thing to add compared to the trajectory model must be the possibility to add penalties to league admins, because of AI decisions are not as good as must be.

     Things I'd like to see:

    1) Driver transfers - it MUST be possible. Imagine Football Manager without transfers?

    2) R&D has improved a lot but it's far too easy for the player. The AI need to develop more quickly because I've taken Haas from the midfield to #1 in a season. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes have barely upgraded their car at all. Why is this? In a 10 season career mode, it should take 10 seasons to complete all the R&D. That is not the case at present.

    3) Improved car setups (Nobody in real life would say "the car has a ballast of 8", it makes no sense) and an explanation/tutorial as to what they actually do. Perhaps your engineer can recommend a setup for you? 

    4) The possibility for the player to experience a mechanical failure, without necessarily having 100% wear ona component. We've seen even brand new engines blow up in F1. If you're in a close championship battle, right now it's a little too easy as the AI will have a few retirements per season.

    5) The ability to watch a race in career mode after you crash/retire. Because every time I end up having to simulate a session, the drivers in Mercedes/Ferrari/Red Bull ALWAYS end up at the front, even if we're at Monaco and one of them is running at the back! It's the same if you don't make Q3, you'll notice that even if they have a bad car the usual suspects WILL be on the first few rows. This qualifying glitch needs fixing now really.

    6) Contracts should not be signed every four races! In real life you get a deal between 1-3 years, although race-by-race deals have happened in the past. Where did that idea come from? Kinda weird to get a contract offer after Baku!

    7) More customization for those of us who don't play on PC, and therefore can't "mod" the game. I'd like to be able to edit a lot more. 
  • LegendarySnipezLegendarySnipez Member New Car Smell
    I've got 5 Things i want in the F1 2019 game
    1: Classic Track Return
    2: More Classic Cars
    3: Open world paddock 
    4: thursday press conferences 
    5: Driver Transfers
  • MrGhostO1OMrGhostO1O Member Co-Driver
    Tiametmarduk made a video himself with some interesting ideas and good points:

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