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League Racing F1 2018

Luca8394664Luca8394664 Member New Car Smell
Hi i am looking for online league racing with no assists. 

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  • Luca8394664Luca8394664 Member New Car Smell
    And cue said leader of the league. I do require a few drivers in need for our No-assists F1-League if you are on PS4 message me here and I'll invite you to our vast community on discord. i am on ps4. My name is luca gamer. On what day would we race and what time? 

  • Luca8394664Luca8394664 Member New Car Smell
    What platform are you looking for? I could have the leader of the league I am in contact you if you are on PS4. 
    I am on ps4 my name is luca gamer. 
  • jsfxukjsfxuk Member New Car Smell
    Hey, looking for a new league too can I have a peak at times?
  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    10am UTC+12 New Zealand times. So night time for UK/Europe on Friday nights, Afternoon/Evenings for US/South America and early Saturday mornings for Australia/Oceania that's not New Zealand
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