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Dirt 3 Rallying

the rallies felt more realistic when you could see the other drivers (both in singleplayer and multiplayer) so it would be fun if you could have the same feature in dirt rally 2.
in the way that you start and some seconds go and the person behind you starts again.

Yes - I would love this feature in dirt rally 2
No - I like it how it is

Dirt 3 Rallying 5 votes

Hesnik1012Wachirawit80 2 votes
RodgerDaviesledidDreamyGhostZ 3 votes


  • RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
    lol, "more realistic"? If you want it to be realistic it would be a 1-3 minute difference. You would hardly ever see another car; it will be a huge amount of resource wasted for no benefit IMO.
  • Hesnik1012Hesnik1012 Member New Car Smell
    True but it could be fun to have two cars that are in the same spot at the same time, I remember that that's not uncommon here where I live 
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