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The Winner is NOT the Winner

Curious case of losing a Duel, but being awarded the Win. So it was a close race, but I'm clearly behind on the finish time, yet poor old Jerry (cheat) lost out. Wondering if there's some algorithm that is starting to penalise aggressive users' now? Although if that was the case, I'd expect some kind of warning to that effect?

In this case I'm quite happy because this particular user was constantly trying to take me out, so Karma seems to have made a brief appearance.

However, in cases where you've won fairly, and then see it awarded to the loser, that has to be quite the frustration.

Wondering if this happens quite a bit?


  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    Ive just had a case where i got to the finish line, the other drivers times were DNF, DNF, 35.68 and they were declared the winner!!!  ****!!!!

    Love this game, but damn, the supposed stopping the aggressive drivers ISNT WORKING, or at least I don't see any difference.  Wonder if someone from CodeMasters could answer us
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