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[FEATURE] Let us save replay files to watch & edit later

I love the replays and some of the great angles they provide, but sometimes I don't want to be bothered editing the clip then and there. Maybe I've got music playing in the background and don't want it recorded; maybe I'm just running hot and don't want to lose that groove by not driving for 10 minutes chopping up a clip. Give us a way to just save the entire run - bonus points if we can save clips from a replay natively in game too. It just seems so obvious, we all love watching our greatest moments and showing them off to friends. Help us do that easily in game! 

[FEATURE] Let us save replay files to watch & edit later 6 votes

Kenny1962Norbert1957GreatApeledidCatBaddersHesnik1012 6 votes
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I enjoy a game that kicks my ass. If I'm not cussing, this **** is too easy.
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