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This game feels more dated than ever before

With so many driver changes this season, the game feels outdated already and we have many months to go until a new game. It’s always been tough to deal with this game coming out in August but this will be one of the hardest years to get through because half of the drivers are now basically every team is different. Hopefully codemasters changes their release date some time soon. Would be easier to swallow if the new game was coming out in March like we all know it should.


  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Yea I think the is only hass and merc with the same drivers as this year every other team will have diffrent drivers its something that annoys me that we get the game after half the real season after the summer shut down were ideally it should be released by monaco at latest . ? Now if the added mod support for consoles the could run competition between the modders on pc with the new cars and driver changes then put them up on the console platform for a bob or 2  then the player can decide if the want the new driver line up at the least . Or just release a dlc with the driver changes till the new game comes out but been codies we are talking about its never going to happen 
  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    They try to release F1 2019 as early as possible, as most of the files needed are alreadz there hidden in the 2018 files. So theres hope that the game may be out earlier than usual...
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