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Update 03.12.2018

DragmanBLRDragmanBLR Member New Car Smell
Today there was an update. Perhaps I was lucky or thought. But the struggle with AI has become very adequate. Racing began to take place much calmer, and even with contact I do not fly away into walls and gravel. In one of the races, my opponent-psycho wanted to destroy me 2 times, he wanted to send me to the wall abruptly, but he failed and I won the race. I really liked this update, 15 duels - 13 wins, and a lot less stress.


  • jessier1986jessier1986 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah it’s gotten a lot better, when I seen the update I thought it was a glitch because it says the same thing got as the last update 
  • itsfullofstarsitsfullofstars Member New Car Smell
    Out of eight races so far, I had:
    1) Two people try to rake me from the side but they went flying off the track instead of me
    2) Another race when I got up behind them but nowhere close enough to hit, and moved to their outside right to pass, they just turned left and went off track as if I’d hooked them from their left rear.
    3) Two other races I got either shoved off by a bot (Vettel, again) or bots wrecked themselves ahead, ping-ponged back across the track and I ran straight into one, no chance at all of avoiding.
    4) The rest were losses because the jerks slammed from behind going into hairpin turns (Hockenheim, China), and yet they got to keep going (I was sent off-track).

    So far this 1.4 update is worse than the last one when it comes to the AI. Wish there was feedback on the “aggression penalty”, if there really is such a thing. I’m thinking it’s B.S. — Codeweavers just jacked up the AI rage to compensate for the creeps, but unintentionally screwed things up for everyone. Only thing I see consistently is when I get slammed by euther AI or players and win or lose, the next match is always with someone thousands of cup points lower, so I guess that’s the “penalty”. Stupid.
  • DragmanBLRDragmanBLR Member New Car Smell
    After 10 days I can make a more objective review.
    1.Aggressive drivers still cut you and knock you off the track.
    2. AI became quieter, but still they are satisfied with wild blockages even on direct ones.
    3. The AI, taking off from the road, returns to it across the road, creating huge blockages and blocking traffic.
      In general, it became better, but there are many glitches, there are no penalties for aggressive pilots, there are still problems with AI
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