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Can't assign buttons on H shifter

LeonardoRatafiaLeonardoRatafia Member New Car Smell
Hi, I use Dirt Rally on PC and now I have a Fanatec base and wheel (CSL elite RW PS4), Bodnar USB Controller for pedals and USB shifter (SHH) and on Dirt Rally I can't assign the buttons to the shifter. This happens:

Don't know if it's due to not supporting multiple usb devices since before I had the G27 and it worked fine.
I hope there's a solution to this problem but if not please try to fix on the upcoming DR2, since for PC it's very common to have several USB devices, button boxes, H shifters, sequential shifters, and so on. Don't just try with the built in peripherals for Fanatec and other brands.


  • LeonardoRatafiaLeonardoRatafia Member New Car Smell
    Just tried Dirt 4 and it works fine, it handles properly the several USB devices
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