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Online - Race positions incorrect

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  • artworxartworx Member New Car Smell
    today i did a ranked race, as you can see it works like it should be.
    but in that race there was something wrong.!
    started as first, but finished 4th. but thats not right the game was glitching.
    didn't know where to put this.
    if its in the wrong forum, please put it in the right one.

    cheers Mars

  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @artworx, I’ve made you your own thread as the one you posted in was about something very different to what you’re seeing.

    • Could you let me know as much as you can about the lead up to the race that you saw the issue in please?
    • Can you let me know which platform you are on?
    • What was the connections like in the lobby?

  • artworxartworx Member New Car Smell
    Hi Faya,
    i jumped in the ranked race just before te qualify started.
    i got pole, i saw that because it was showing me as fastest lap.
    in the menu screen after the qual i was still first.

    then the race,
    it took some more time to start the race as usual.
    for the connection, Phew dont know that anymore.
    or better, did not took any look at the connections.

    the second race was horrible because after the race, to rerurn to the lobby took so long that many people where leaving.
    i waited About 4 or 5 minits.
    after that i wanted to race another race (still in the same lobby).
    but that took also so much time, that i leaved the lobby to quit the game.

    i’m playing on a pc.
    the game is version 1.15

    Greetings Marcel

  • artworxartworx Member New Car Smell
    edited December 5
    Also what i forgot to mention.
    but its more fps related.

    sunday my Windows 10 computer was updating to,

    27 november 2018: KB4467682 (OS-build 17134.441)

    After the update i got fps problems with f1 2018. (1.14 version).
    i was Racing Monaco online league lobby 19 persons.
    That i noticed frame drops, looked like it was playing under 30fps where it should have been 75+ fps.

    i was little bit **** About the update i did, but did not have enough time to undo the Windows update.
    so i tryed to decrease the graphics settings what helped a little bit. (Smao off, texture streaming medium).

    after the race that where very short for me, i uninstalled the Windows update and everything was normal again.

    The next day i updated f1 2018 to version 1.15 and i was getting normal framerates.
    but Windows is Windows, it pushes you again that update.
    so in one moment i closed my pc, with the update being deployed.

    with that update i have again fps drops, looks like its playing 30fps. (Did 2 races, 1 with lower frames then the other).
    i opend the fps counter from steam and watched it all race long.
    it was al race long steady 90fps but it looked like 30fps.

    dont know if you got any other complains About this?

    for my system.

    windows10 prof
    4460 i5
    g1 snipper B5 gigabyte mobo
    16 Gb ddr3 1600mhz (4x4)
    1 ssd 250 Gb samsung
    1 ssd 500 Gb Samsung
    gtx 1060 mini oc3 gigabyte 3gb
    usb pedals fanatec
    usb wheel thrustmaster t300
    1 1920x1080 75hz monitor (DisplayPort)*
    1 1920x1080 60hz monitor (hdmi)*

    *note that i was playing without the second hdmi monitor connected.

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