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Tires don't change in Career mode

Hi All - I'm fairly new to F1 2018 and have been doing the career mode for the first time. During a race, if it's dry at the start, but begins to rain during the race, how do I change to an intermediate or wet tire?


  • Hades1275Hades1275 Member New Car Smell
    You can do it a couple of ways:
    1) bring up the MFD menu using Circle or B, cycle through until you see where you can select the tyres, press left or right on the d-pad to select next tyre, there should be 3 dry tyres, inters and wets. This will then tell the pit crew what tyres you want in the next pit stop.
    2) Via voice command, you can just select through the menu though also, "Box this lap" then "Set Intermediate Tyres" or Wet Tyre if applicable. Hold LB or L1 and say the command or press right on the d-pad to select the command, Jeff should then confirm he received the message.
    Hopefully this was of some use.
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