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Problems with rotation and force feedback (TS-PC Racer) and other issues on Dirt Rally

This sim seems very beautiful, but for the moment I have a lot of problems with it:
- the steering wheel has absurd rotation and force feedback. I use a TS-PC Racer (overall between 72% and 90%, constant and periodic 100%, spring and damper 0%, auto-center "by the game", rotation 1080°) which I calibrated it in the game without problems.
From the chart, everything is perfect, but, when I try to really turn the steering wheel, on the road, I have to turn it entirely, to have a rotation in the game of 180-190 degrees on one side or the other.
I set soft lock on, center steering on, steering linearity 0 and saturation 100%, of course.
To have a rotation superimposable to what happens on the screen, I have to set the saturation around 50%.
The TS-PC racer is recognized, the firmware is the last, and even "vibration & feedback" are set like in the online guides.
But that is not all. The steering wheel shakes to the right and left like a bull to hold by the horns.
It's even difficult to go straight. As if the force feedback was empty up to a certain point, and then pull the steering wheel to a point that is well beyond the center, in the opposite direction, stop, and sway backwards.
It's hard to explain, but I have none of these problems with Assetto Corsa, Rfactor 2 and Kart Racing Pro.
I tried to reinstall the game on Steam, but I did not get any results, other than the fact that many of the settings have been saved;
- I don't hear copilot, even though the copilot volume is set to maximum;
- scrolling through the menu without a keyboard is very difficult with the VR because you can not see the pointer. Every time, sitting on my cockpit, I have to remove the Oculus and look at the screen, before getting into the car.
There is a way to display the pointer and not have to move it blindly?

Thanks in advice.


  • prec0gprec0g Member New Car Smell
    exactly the same probleme here with ts-tw
  • toninonotoninono Member New Car Smell
    I'm sorry.
    At this point I think it doesn't concern setting problems.
    Is it possible to receive assistance from someone working in Codemasters?
  • toninonotoninono Member New Car Smell
    I don't know if the forum is followed by the developers, as it should be.
    Can you tell me how to contact Codemasters directly, to try to solve problems?
    At the moment I exclusively threw my money.
    I'm sad, because the simulator looks very nice and I was even going to buy a handbrake.
    Luckily I wanted to do a test, first...
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