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Looking for racing leagues F1 2018 Xbox one

I am currently looking for an F12018  league to join, assists welcome with plenty of game time but no league experience. Any response would be appreciated.


  • wipendcleanwipendclean Member New Car Smell
    Hi mate, we race on a Sunday - lobby opens and invites go out at 8:30pm with qualifying and race starting at 8:45pm UK time.

    We have 2 tiers with promotion and relegation each season - a season is 7 races long so as not to make people wait ages to get promoted / relegated.

    All assists are allowed, however you feel most comfortable racing. The only things we insist on are manual race starts, manual pits and manual ERS.

    Check us out - www.pesonline.co.uk - if you're interested you can register on site.

    Any troubles then let me know. My gamertag is Wipe nd Clean.
  • RebelRouser1984RebelRouser1984 Member New Car Smell
    I registered on the site but haven't had reply yet!
  • wipendcleanwipendclean Member New Car Smell
    all confirmed now mate - site owner confirmed you etc. Should be able to sign in now and get sorted.

    We are racing Russia this weekend if you wanna do some practice for a bit tonight? I haven't done any yet! I can be on between 5:30-7pm and then anytime from 9:30pm
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